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Sam had a musical background growing up. He played the drums in his brothers band that's sound was heavily influenced by the white stripes and the black keys. "We opened for some decent bands and that's how I came to meet the bands Elyse and Making Movies." Following the summer after high school graduation, Sam toured with multiple bands across the United States to tell the story of struggling musicians trying to make it in the modern day music industry. "It was definitely a life experience."says Robles.


Sam was a regular at music venues in Houston during high school. "I would do a lot of video and photography for local bands to make some extra money on the weekends."says Robles. Sam came across 2 bands that stood out from the rest. The first band, Elyse, was local and the second band, Making Movies, was on tour from Kansas City MO. "I pitched the documentary about their journey as they tour across the country and I followed their lives for the next 3 months."


Sam traveled along with the bands to most major cities from Houston to New York City and back. 


Before the Encore shot for 3 months in the summer of 2012.

Title: Before the Encore

Type: Documentary

Writer / Director: Sam Robles

Producers: Sam Robles, Ramiro Robles

Financing: Self-financed

Production: Undisclosed

World Premiere: Houston Latin Film Festival

Awards: "Best Documentary" Houston Latin Film Festival

Logline: Follow the lives of touring musicians and understand what it really means to be a struggling artist.

Cast: Making Movies, Elyse, Camera Cult, La Sien

Company: Revolta Films

Duration of project: 6 mo.

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