Nova Knows Rainbow Poster.png

Goal: Produce a series of educational episodes covering topics based on a curriculum.

Conditions: Each episode had to be ready on a weekly basis to send to parents to help children finish the school year.

Challenges: Following a public school curriculum to produce relevant parallel content for students weekly required a lot of preproduction.

Takeaways: Parent feedback and communication was key to creating relevant topics.

Team size: 4

Title: Nova Knows

Type: Web Series

Director: Sam Robles

Producers: Sam Robles, Ramiro Robles

Financing: Self-financed

Production:  2 weeks

World Premiere: May 15, 2020


Logline: A colorful monster out of this world crash lands on earth and teaches children everything he learns.

Cast: Sam Robles, Victoria

Company:  Sam Robles Film

Duration of Project:  3 mo.